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Full Version: New pickups (including Shaq Totally Certified patch)
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Hey guys, I wanted to share with you some of the cards I've bought recently on eBay and other websites. Let me know what you think.

[Image: Shaq.jpg]

[Image: Wilt.jpg]

[Image: BernardKingWaltFrazierEarlMonroeWillisReed-1.jpg]

[Image: KareemAbdul-Jabbar2-1.jpg]

[Image: Olajuwon.jpg]

[Image: KareemMaloneJordanWilt.jpg]
Those are some big time pickups, congrats!
sick cards!!!! whats the numbering on the shaq patch, i bet the celtics patch pieces are going to be extremely rare.
I love that Shaq patch i know it probally PC but if you want CMB or pm me a price if you are willing to part with it thanks
Thanks guys. The Shaq patch is out of 25. I saw it posted on another message board so I PMed the owner and he agreed to sell it to me (it wasn't cheap). I wanted a nice card of Shaq in a Celtics jersey because I travelled to Boston in October 2010 to see the Celtics vs Heat on the opening night of the season. I spent all the money I had to go on that trip and it was well worth it, especially as I managed to go backstage to meet many of the players. So the card brings back some happy memories Smile
where the heck do you find awesome patches/prime jerseys like this?? They are amazing..I can never find anything like that on ebay it seems...

And I LOOOOVVVEEE the Chamberlain...LMK if it is for sale or for trade..

Awesome stuff man!
Awesome cards. Congrats.