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Full Version: 93-94 ultra scoring kings set pricing
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hey guys im looking for an idea or range to price my 93-94 ultra scoring kings set...all cards are raw but have been kept in top loaders and are in excellent shape. any ideas?
not sure but you can send the MJ my way Smile lol
lol..i actually had sold one already but then i bought another recently to complete the set..
(07-07-2011, 04:23 PM)willis fan 14 Wrote: [ -> ]This one sold for $91.

yeah i actually saw that item...i think it sold too low..i also think that while the other cards are not all that pricey they are hard to find..i mean if you put the jordan up for sale u can make 70-80 bucks easily..
if you want to sell/trade the set WITH OUT the jordan i could be interested. i pulled the jordan a couple of months ago and would like the rest. lmk