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Full Version: 10-11 Crown Royale Jerseys, Auto and Inserts FT (scans)
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Hi Folks,

Just received a bunch more 10-11 Crown Royale for trade (Thank GOD Canada Post is delivering again - I was going through withdrawal!). Here is the new stuff:


And here is the stuff left over from before (some of it might be gone but most of it is still up for grabs):

10-11 Crown Royale Jerseys FT
10-11 Crown Royale Inserts FT
10-11 Crown Royale Moulson Lancer

As always, looking for Habs coming my way in a trade. Just check out my org, tons of stuff has been added recently. Thanks for looking!


Please check me for those rc's and kopitar..
I can use the Lanny auto...LMK. Thanks!
Sorry Hulkster. The regent Lanny is still available but the auto is gone . . .