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Full Version: Need help identifying an autograph....
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My parents bought this from Sam's Club back in the day for Christmas..Think it was around 1999 and I was 10 years old...

My question is, is this card from a specific set or did Shaq just sign this certain type of card for a company that wasn't inserted into sets/packs?

(Sorry the scanner is sooooo terrible)

[Image: scan0007-1.jpg]

[Image: scan0008.jpg]
The card is 1994 SkyBox USA #72 Shaquille O'Neal, I have and remember the cards, but I dont recall any autos in packs
Only auto's I know of from that set are here
Shaq wasn't one and those were all on the trademark move card and not the Magic on cards. Unless it was a Special buyback or some thing later but there are a few others on the bay
So they were signed by him or there are a few fakes out there thats a 50% odds So are you a guy that sees a glass as half full or half empty hehe So thats all I got maybe someone else can chime in with a little more