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Full Version: Mailday 07/05/2011: NickM1123, filamuraireborn, leonroy
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I love getting more than one package in the mail. Smile


Thanks again Nick for all of the extras and helping with the PC and sets. Also, that graded card was a good thing on two levels. One, it allowed me to know of another grading company (Professional Grading Authority) out there I will not use, lol. They called it a Gem 10 when the centering is quite off. BGS probably would give it an 8, or worst a 7.5. Secondly, it's a RC card that I don't mind having housed in a case until I can get my cards BGS graded. I do appreciate it. And surprisingly, this time I only needed 1 of the extras you sent me. Smile Made me feel good because it means my collection is getting quite large.


Thanks again for the freebie package. You really helped my Red Wings, Tigers and Lions (not really trying to collect them) PCs. Got some players I really like in there and one of the Pistons cards you sent I needed for my PC. Thanks.


Thanks for the trade and helping with the sets and PC. However, I would like to inform everyone of the course of the trade just so everyone has an idea of what to expect. I believe this is the first time I traded with PR, and I'm not sure how long it takes to get there or back. But I believe he received mine in about 4 days after I shipped them, and he said he shipped his the same day. However, after two weeks I had not had them and spoke to him about them and he said it takes a long while for his PO to put them in the system, and that same day it went in the system as having been shipped. He gave me the DC and about 4-5 days later I had them. Now, I'm not saying he's lying, but that's what I experienced. When I received them, they were well packaged inside, but they were inside a PWE. I've messaged leonroy about these issues and warned him that most traders will not be so kind and will knock his trader feedback (I did not because he's a relatively new trader). I could also tell he was new to trading or the hobby because two of the cards were the retail version and weren't in the system correctly, but I made that mistake with those type of cards when I first busted them as well, so I didn't knock him for them. I'm not saying nobody should trade with him, but if you do, and you have issues, please let me know. Thanks.

Thanks to everyone for the packages and can't wait for the other 4 I'm expecting. Thanks.
your package from me went out this morning
(07-06-2011, 09:14 AM)bballkm32 Wrote: [ -> ]your package from me went out this morning
Thank you sir. Smile