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Full Version: My Phillies pc just got a few additions!
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Got this in the mail today. Have been wanting one for my Philly pc for a long time and finally pulled the trigger.

[Image: IMG-2.jpg]

Also got these which now I have 28/36 of the 1959 Phils team set and 3/28 of the 1968 team set.

[Image: IMG_0001-1.jpg]

Thanks for looking.

Nice pick-ups, congrats.
Sweet looking Schmidt.
Very nice. Do you have a minimum grade (7?) you consider when acquiring cards for team sets? I'd like to start collecting vintage Detroit team sets, and am curious how/what you consider buying for your team sets and why. Could definitely help me get started on my own quests.

I've always wanted to put together a 1973 Topps set (I was born that year), but the Schmidt RC is my main deterrent. No way I could afford one. Team sets might be the way for me to start.

Very nice pickups!