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I usually don't buy Opeechee, but my LCS was low on stock and i was bored so I bought 2 boxes. Can someone please clarify to me which are the retros and retro rainbows, etc? Are the regular retros the cards with the big shield on them? and the Rainbows foil?
retro are matte finish with a white border. Retro Rainbow are foil finished with a silver border and BLACK retro are foil with a black border and numbered to 100 on the back.

Hope that helps.
Also, some of the Retro's have blank backs, check carefully. WORTH MUCH MORE.
If you got an Burmistrov, Kronwall, Enstrom let me know
i got a kronwall retro basic one if u need it
(07-05-2011, 05:16 PM)dragik Wrote: [ -> ]i got a kronwall retro basic one if u need it
I just need the Retro rainbow actually, but thanks for getting back to me.