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Full Version: help with a card
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Stumbled upon a few Ray Allen cards in a box I can't find listed. They are autographed 1997 Genuine Article #BK1. One of them is autographed in black and is hand numbered out of 1500. The other two are autographed in blue and not numbered. I see a listing for two different Ray Allen autographs from this set but they are #HH1 and #HH2. Does anyone have any info on these?
any info? does beckett have a resource for finding unlisted cards?
Do the cards state Hometown Heroes anywhere on them? I searched "ray allen genuine article" in the search engine at the top of the page here and found both.

Most of the time we need to see a pic to tell you what exactly you have.
it appears Beckett has a listing for the non-autographed version of this card, it is the 1997 Genuine Article Previews #BK1, but all three of mine are autographed and there is no listing for an autographed version that I can find, no they are not the Hometown Heroes but thanks for trying to help