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Full Version: Mr. A's Pickups of the Day
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Threw a football card in there save thread space Smile
Gonna be putting up new sweet pulls daily almost Smile

The Mark Sanchez Rc Auto is for trade or sale.

[Image: sanchezauto.jpg]
[Image: mocheeksauto.jpg]
[Image: jamesblastpatch.jpg]
[Image: hardenauto.jpg]
was u interested in the hansbrough I sent u a pic of the other day?
Yes just working so hard t organize so I can get to the point where I know what I have to trade etc...
Give me a couple days and I will make an offer or pm to talk.
sounds good! I gave somebody on the football forum ur name because they are collecting the sp autos like the javid best you have and they didnt have it in ur set so you may get a pm from them.
how are you so lucky and get so many nice hits!!
Todays lovely pulls were actually hard to choose cause I cracked about 6 boxes and only wanted to scan a small amount.

Who is that Pistons auto of?
(07-02-2011, 11:13 AM)whodeyalltheway Wrote: [ -> ]Who is that Pistons auto of?
Retired Kelly Tripucka heres a better Scan
[Image: tripuckabetter.jpg]
Thats pretty cool! You dont see much of his stuff.
Nice David Thompson. Mr A. Smile still waiting on the Curry! lol
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