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Full Version: 2010 Eclipse Spellbound Swatches needs
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Anyone have any of the Dale Earnhardt Jr. Spellbound Swatches? I am working on my first name plate guys. My wife got a peek at Spazmatic's Jimmie Johnson plate so now she wants the Jr. name plate for the Gameroom Wall. I have SSDEJ 3, 5 and 10. I have some Nascar to trade and lots of football. Or give me a driver name or 2 and I will send what I have if you don't want to dig through the ORG. Thanks in advance.
pm sent
I don't have any of them but you should ask 'hotplugs' if he has any extras. I know he completed one of the Jr. spellbounds already. BTW, the Spellbound Swatches seem to be easier to complete than the Solar Swatches are. Good choice and good luck!
Thanks. 48 just put me on to one I need. I will check Hotplug too. Thanks.