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Full Version: Contact Information for Signature Rookies?
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Is there any chance that there is some contact Information for the Signature Rookies Company?

Or does anyone know somebody who worked for them? I need to know if these cards exist or not.

* 1995 Signature Rookies Autobilia Autographs Rasheed Wallace 4
* 1995 Signature Rookies Draft Day Draft Gems Signatures Rasheed Wallace DG9
* 1995 Signature Rookies Prime Top 10 Signatures Rasheed Wallace TT4
* 1995 Signature Rookies Tetrad SR Force Autographs * Rasheed Wallace F24

Or somebody here broke a box of these back in the day and cans till remember pulling any of these cards?

I would be very thankful if someone can help me.

thank you
With that many different cards outstanding it seems likely they were unable to come to an agreement with Sheed. They've been out of business for about 15 years now so contact info is probably going to be tough unless you can track down Tim Flatt.
thanks for the info.atleast i was able to find a guy who worked for signature rookies back in 1995.

he was the one who got in contact with the players for the signing of the cards but i didnt get an answer yet.i hope his email adress is still his current email adress.