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Full Version: Add a card to organize that's already in organize
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Sort of a strange subject, but let me explain... let's say I am bulk adding cards after a box break and simply going through the OPG and checking off ones that I got in the box. If I check a card that I already have (just not aware of it), along with many others, and then add to organize. The one I already have is not getting added to the collection, nor is it increasing the quantity, nor is it warning me in any way that the card was already in organize. I seem to remember a while back on the old site, it would at least warn you that the card was already in organize and it might put it in recently added but with the quantity from what you already had. Is anyone else seeing this behavior or have some suggestions?
It doesn't warn anymore.
Under Actions.
If your adding cards it will be a bright piece of paper with a check.
If you already have it. It will be shaded. OR not bright.
It doesn't make a copy either. So adding the card doesn't hurt your count of a certain card.

IF you wanna duplicate a card. At the far right of the listings in your Organize. you will see arrows going in a circle. Click on that and it will duplicate the card.
Thank you, appreciate the help. "If it would've been a snake..." :-)

Anyway, I guess you just have to keep an eye on that and then go in and increase the quantity on your own then.