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Full Version: ebay shipping fail : /
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Bummed, got back from my trip hoping to find this in my mail... it looked good online, but I think the seller messed it up putting it into the top loader, bottom left corner is dinged. Needed it for the set : /

[Image: Starquest.jpg]
That sucks man! Those cards are pretty sick though for base ud.
That bites. Is it the regular version? If so I may still have a couple for trade if you want to have a look.
It's the Black version : /
Awwww man, bummer! You may want to file an item not as described complaint. I think you can do that anyway.
Yeah, thought about that... I don't like leaving negative feedback or really complaining, just more disappointed than mad. I bought it last week in hopes of having it ready to send to get graded. I have the other rare version, the gold version, was hoping to get both gold and black graded.