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Full Version: LSU Fans check it out!!! Les Miles Auto Poster
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Didnt know where else to post this lol

Called the Athletic Office and ended up with this
I have a Certificate of Authenticity from LSU. just let me know!
[Image: DSCN0369.jpg]
Pretty sweet piece man!
Yea , im thinking about selling it but I dont know what the best way would be or what I could get for it.
Maybe I should show this on the football forum
To the top!!
Contact Duchovny...he's the LSU guy on the boards.
I messaged him the other day, still waiting to hear back. I guess if he's not interested I could just put it on the bay but I don't even know what a good price would be.
I can't believe nobody is interested. I may hold off and put it in the man cave in a few years