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Full Version: What happened to the Keep column?
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(06-28-2011, 03:50 PM)ceocards Wrote: [ -> ]Quoted this part of Mike's post - this is why there are "Wants" and "Haves" as well as "Trade For" and "Trade Away"

Remember, not everyone who uses their organize has any interest in trading on the site. Many people keep track of their inventory here, but never post or engage in trading.

"Want" and "Have" were kept so that these people could still note such things in their organize, but not have to be inundated with unwanted trade offers.
The way I understand it is:

'Haves' are only used for calculating the total value of the collection and it's totals show at the top of Organize, ,

'Wants' isn't connected to anything but it's totals still show at the top of Organize,

'Trade For' totals are missing at the top of Organize.

'Trade Away' is OK and it's totals show at the top of Organize,

So if you want to keep a total count of your collection you have to update both the 'Trade For' and 'Wants' columns.


The way they had it was simpler the way it is now it unnecessary honestly
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