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Full Version: landed my white whale
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Went out whaling, cracked those oarsmen and finally picked up one of these. I haven't seen many on the bay, especially 2 colored ones but recently there were 2 multi-colored listed and I was lucky enough to get one Big Grin Still incoming, but here's a pic.

[Image: KGrHqUOKnE3c5u5d-BNpLS1dg_12.jpg]
awesome pickup! congrats on landing it
Nice catch, congrats-
Congrats still looking for a Chris chambers one.
Nice patch on that congrats
Congrats stefan on landing a great PC addition.
Thanks alot guys! I'm geeked, can't wait until it actually gets here.
VERY nice, congrats Big Grin
(06-26-2011, 05:11 PM)ripkenfan72 Wrote: [ -> ]VERY nice, congrats Big Grin
Thank you ripkenfan72! Big Grin

That is quite tasty!!! Congrats!
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