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Full Version: PC pick ups: 500+ milestone! (rant + scans)
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I was tired of buying singles on the Bay paying way too much on (international) shipping, so basically I just decided to buy all Rodman singles under $2 available on the Beckett Marketplace and all cards I needed for my Serge Zwikker, Geert Hammink and Phil Jackson CO mini-PCs.

My Dennis Rodman PC has now exceeded the 500 mark and if I'm not mistaken I should now be on 532 cards.

I actually did a video of the presentation of the cards, but found my voice so annoying that I decided to just do scans, lol.

I was left with mixed feelings after buying from the Marketplace. Paying more for the cards than I would have on eBay was kind of a bummer, but the shipping costs made it worthwhile. Straight after payment of the order I received notifications for three cards that were no longer available. That's, you know, really great because I thought these people were professionals. What it meant was that for one of those dealers my order went down to 2 base singles and together with shpping I ended up paying around $8.. I was surprised to receive individual packages from each seller (as opposed to one bulk like with CheckOutMyCards) which meant I got my mailbox stuffed with packages. Hoopla was a great seller, adding a personal note saying how he loved my city (Valencia, Spain) when he was here while serving US Navy about 20 years ago. It's a small gesture, but one I very much appreciated. On the other hand I was disappointed with Matt's, who sent me an Upper Deck card that was badly cut (see first scan below), it is definitely below standards..

Here are the scans plus also some of the trade stuff I received over the last couple of days. Nothing for trade except for the Robinson/Coleman.

[Image: escanear0145.jpg]
[Image: escanear0137.jpg]
[Image: escanear0139.jpg]
[Image: escanear0141.jpg]
[Image: escanear0143.jpg]
[Image: escanear0147.jpg]
[Image: escanear0149.jpg]
[Image: escanear0151.jpg]
[Image: escanear0153.jpg]
[Image: escanear0155.jpg]
[Image: escanear0157.jpg]
[Image: escanear0159.jpg]
nice stuff, rodman was one of my favorite players of the 90's, a true warrior of the game!!!!