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Full Version: Who plays NBA 2k11??
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This is the game im really into and thought hey I wonder who else plays? I play on PS3 and just beat the jordan challenges and its the best nba game ive played to date. The game is awesome plus all of the side modes like my player and the jordan challenges make it amazing. This may even be the best sports game ive ever played.
Let me know what you guys think...
I have this for the Xbox 360 and I would have to agree. The game is solid and being able to play as Jordan is an obvious bonus! Although not as good, I have been playing NBA Jam lately and that is pretty decent. I had to get it because it reminds me of my youth playing the game!
I play it for the 360, I'm addicted to the My Player mode lol. Gonna be tough moving onto 2K12! By far the best sports game I've ever played.
(06-26-2011, 07:41 AM)krayzie83 Wrote: [ -> ]I play it for the 360, I'm addicted to the My Player mode lol. Gonna be tough moving onto 2K12! By far the best sports game I've ever played.
Any word on if Jordan will be on 2k12 or was 2k11 the only time he is going to be on the game?
ive got it for ps3, i dont play much online anymore, i just finished my first season, i only attempted the last jordan challenge twice where you have to get alot of steals but havent tried it since, i need to beat that one so i can unlock all of them and get the trophy for it, i love this game!!!!! hopefully they have a contract with jordan and he will be in the next one with new challenges, optional wizards mode, dream team, or whatever you could think of, i think it would be sweet.
I play it on the PS3 too. lol Ive been doin the career mode and my player is still horrible
i still havent created a player yet, my bro got me l.a. noire for my bday and ive been playing that over the last week. i also just beat dead nation, it was one of the free downloadable game from sony's goof, if you like zombie games, its a must download imo. i like that it tallies the zombies killed by each country, its shocking how many zombies we have killed lol. i also downloaded infamous as a free game, but havent played it yet. with the downloads, i finally reached my limit of the factory 60gb hd, i bought the ps3 after it had been out for a short time so the 60gb lasted me around 4 and a half years. i picked up a 500gb hd from bestbuy for $60, so im ready to go now lol. that should last me until the ps4 comes out.
If any of the PS3 guys want to add me my name is who-dey14 . Im glad im not the only one obsessed btw. I also just rented LA Noire today and its pretty sick too! Not to hard nor is it a super real but the story and the interviewing is pretty sick.
my tag is you guessed it, pingbling23 if anyone wants to add me.
I play 2k11 on the 360 and love it! But I usually stick to my ps3 and play online stuff mainly on that, so you guys can add me too if you want. tag is OSU_Johnson
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