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Full Version: Kevin Harvick Base cards
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Hello all. My name is Gary.
I'm new here and eager to do some trading. I collect Kevin Harvick. I don't need the fancy stuff yet. Just the base and numbered cards for now. Unless you want to offer me a sweet deal of course i will listen
Welcome Gary! You kinda know me already, but if you have ANY questions about this site, don't hesitate to ask me. BTW, the TO was sent back to you.
Oh yea, the Beckett emoticons don't work now. If you want to post a wink, type a semicolon ';' and then a right parentheses ')'. Do it with no spaces or characters between and it'll look like this Wink .
I sent you a private message.
I have some for 2011 and 1 or 2 from 2010. Trying to build a set for regular Press Pass 2011 you have any of those cards? Thanks
I am just starting to input my NASCAR cards in my Org - keep an eye out and I will try to get the Harvick stuff in ASAP. I know I have quite a few Harvick, and don't mind getting rid of it (not a Harvick fan!)

I just wanted to let you folks know that he is having some personal difficulties right now and will not be trading for a while. We just completed a trade that went perfect, but with the recent events in his life, he informed me that he needs to stop trading/buying until he gets in a better situation. I just wanted to LYK, so you don't get PO'd and hold it against him if you don't hear back from him soon. He is a good trader, but life gives you a flat tire sometimes!
Hope everything turns out ok for him.
Thanks guys.
My life has kind of fallen apart in the last few weeks and I don't want to start any trades I can't finish in a timely manor. It's already starting to get a little better for me and I will hopefully be able to buy/trade for more of the Harvicks I need real soon.
I'll be in touch.
Good luck, Gary! I hope everything works out better than you expect it to.