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Full Version: Jordan Rookie. Where would you grade?
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I got this at the LCS yesterday.

I am wondering if I should send this in to Beckett or PSA for grading?

I have a crappy scanner. The black dot on the left front border is not on the card.

What kind of grades do you think I am looking at and where would you send it?

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It looks real and I think it would grade well. Send it to BGS.
Real for sure. Only a little off center. My guess would be 8 or 8.5. May even get a 9 on a good day! Send it to BGS.
I think it will grade well, might take a small hit on centering. Send to BGS-
If its legit and unaltered my guess is 8.5.
They dont hand out many 9's for that one.
IMO BGS cases look better.