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Full Version: old school Jordan insert set needs
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Couple of old school Jordan sets you may remember...1995-96 Jordan Collection which was 24 cards spread over Collector's Choice, Upper Deck, SP and SP Championship. I have 15 of them and need the 9 listed below. Also, Collector's Choice did an insert series called "A Cut Above" in 96-97 and I only two of those 10! I'd trade in your favor and would consider buying if you have several of these I need. Thanks for looking!

Jordan Collection needs:

Collector's Choice: JC4

SP Championship: JC21, JC22, JC23

SP: JC17, JC18

Upper Deck: JC6, JC8, JC13

A Cut Above needs: CA3, CA7
Update bump to the top! Deal done, got JC6 and JC8. Still need the others. Help me out people! Smile
I have a few u need. Send me a trade offer
(06-23-2011, 07:12 PM)blange11 Wrote: [ -> ]I have a few u need. Send me a trade offer
Open offer sent.
bump again!
I have the JC4 and a JC4 international French as well as cut above 2 and 4. Would you be interested in those? I have a lot of other jordans FT if you're interested in them as well.
Update bump. Got JC4 so my Collector's Choice portion of the set is complete. Still need 6 more, as well as the previously listed Cut Above cards. I will trade in your favor!
Update! Just got JC13, JC17 and JC22 thanks to blange, so I'm down to just a handful needed! I have re-listed the remaining cards I need below. Thanks to everybody who has helped out!

Jordan Collection needs:

Collector's Choice: no needs

SP Championship: JC21, JC23

SP: JC18

Upper Deck: no needs

A Cut Above needs: CA3, CA7