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Full Version: 2011 Topps Rising Rookies Box
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Hey everyone! I am pretty new to the site, but thought I would share my hits yesterday from a box of 2011 Topps Rising Rookies. The box that I busted had 5 hits in it, but two of them really stood out to me. The first was a NFL Shield Rookie Auto Christian Ponder redemption. The second, and very large hit, was a dual auto, numbered 3 of 5 of Mark Ingram and Ryan Mathews. I have scans, but don't know how to post. Help! Smile Any one have an idea of what the Ingram card would be worth? Thanks!

Upload the scan to photobucket then post the IMG code into your regular post and that will show the image. Nice hits!
Thanks for the help! All forums are different lol Like I mentioned before, I mainly collect game used items, so the cards are new. Just thought I would try and I lucked out because I'm a huge Ponder fan.

[Image: CPRedemption0001.jpg]

[Image: IngramCard0001.jpg]
I bought 5 packs yesterday and 3 today and struck out on all of them Sad glad to see someone getting some good cards. That dual auto is sweet congrats bud.

It's awesome you got a pc hit too.
Thanks! That's usually how my luck goes too. Here are some links to my real collection. This isn't everything, but just a bit. I also have a huge pic of Ponder that I had him autograph too, it's like 11x14

Nice hits, especially the 3/5 dual. Topps Rising Stars has some good stuff. I hit a /25 dual of Cam and Fairley and a /5 of Daniel Thomas. Congrats!
I'd be interested in it if you're selling/trading. Let me know. Smile
Wow, love that dual! Nice hit!
Did you pull the Lamarr Woodley jersey card by chance? Big Grin