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Rest of the BGS mailday will be posted on the Football and Soccer forums. Bummer about the Durant...surface grades are a mystery sometimes...

[Image: 05-06ExquisiteCollection46JSYAURC91of99BGS9.jpg]

2007-08 Upper Deck Premier Rookies Autographs Jerseys Green #101 Kevin Durant (29 of 49) BGS 6.5

2008-09 Exquisite Collection #94 Eric Gordon JSY AU RC (158 of 225) BGS 9

2009-10 Certified Mirror Emerald Signatures #82 Ray Allen (3 of 5) BGS 9.5

2009-10 Donruss Elite #161 Blake Griffin AU RC (347 of 499) BGS 8.5

2009-10 Playoff National Treasures #210 Terrence Williams JSY AU RC (78 of 99) BGS 9

2010-11 Ultimate Collection Rivalries Signatures #RFJ EXCH Walt Frazier LeBron James (13 of 25) BGS 9.5

What are your intentions with the CP3?
Nice cards-
wow, bummer on the durant, is there creasing in it?
CP3 is for my PC. Not sure on the Durant...I check every card before I sent it, didn't see anything that bad. I did basically get the Lebron and Durant for free can't really complain.
Great cards,if sellin the durant, personally, i would break it out the case cause I think the 6.5 grade will decrease it's value.
did they give a reason the durant got a 5.5 for surface? sometimes i think grading is unfair, that card is to sharp to get a low grade like that.
Coretete- I see why they gave you a 5.5 on the Durant. Look between the jersey pieces of the 0 & 7, you should see a slight crease. Overall you did good (they should've gave you a 10 on the Allen corners). I think that the Exquisite cards should be graded on a different scale, because they are so hard to maintain. I do like the Chris Paul auto. Thanks for sharing.
yeah that grade sucks, but its for my PC and i love having my cards slabbed...not a big deal to me.
(06-19-2011, 03:44 PM)pingbling23 Wrote: [ -> ]that card is to sharp to get a low grade like that.
+1,000,000 buddy! BGS grades this a 6.5 but the Strasburg a 9.5 and others like it higher then what it deserves! I'm about to go off for you bro! So sorry!
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