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Full Version: unclaimed mail?
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Hey all, from my post office I just received an envelope back that I sent out over two months ago to an eBuyer in the US. On both sides it is stamped 'unclaimed'.

What does unclaimed mean? I always send my cards out with a tracking number, but that only works for within Europe. Once it arrives in the US it doesn't track any further. I can't imagine that they tried to deliver in-hand and that they took it back to the post office because of no-one home; understanding that the USPS system does not recognize the European tracking system they would simply put it in the mail box, right?

USPS will take it to the persons door if you had signature confirmation. If it was unclaimed I'm guessing that the person didn't sign for it.
thats weird? did the ebayer ever contact you saying they didnt get the package?
(06-18-2011, 10:17 AM)pingbling23 Wrote: [ -> ]thats weird? did the ebayer ever contact you saying they didnt get the package?
Yes he did. About a month ago, which was a month after despatch, he claimed not received. I explained there are currently significant delays in Spanish stuff getting to US (according to my post office)
and asked to hold on for a while. He got back to me about a week or so ago asking for a refund or another copy of the card. I sent him a new card a few days ago... Just before I got this one back..

If it turns out he didn't bother to pick up the envelope from his post office, I've now spent twice on shipping because of his negligence :S ...