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Full Version: Trade Thread - With Scans
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Here are some scans of cards I have available for trade. I know this is baseball, but I have included a couple of basketball and football cards also. On the higher end cards, I am not trading down.

I am looking for GU and Auto cards of former Red Sox players, with them shown as a Red Sox player on the card.

Adrian Gonzalez 2005 SP Auto #/10

[Image: AdGonzalez10.jpg]

Nook Logan 2007 Allen + Ginter Auto

[Image: loganauto.jpg]

Jhonny Peralta Sweet Spot Auto Bat #/25

[Image: pheralta.jpg]

Ubaldo Jimenez 2007 Topps Chrome Auto

[Image: scan0001-1.jpg]

Various Autos - 2009 Upper Deck

[Image: scan.jpg]

David Wright 2009 Allen + Ginter Auto (SP)

[Image: WrightAuto.jpg]

Eric Patterson 2006 Bowman Draft Chrome Orange Refractor

[Image: pattersonorange.jpg]

Gavin Floyd Sweet Spot Auto #/10

[Image: scan0002.jpg]

Scott Rolen Nifty Fifty Dual GU card #/50

[Image: scan0004.jpg]

Jon Lester 2006 Topps Chrome Update Refractor (Only 25 printed)

[Image: lester.jpg]
interested in the williams/ griffey and clementes
interested in the wright.
(06-18-2011, 08:16 AM)eharris3abc Wrote: [ -> ]interested in the williams/ griffey and clementes
Don't see anything for the cards.
(06-18-2011, 09:07 AM)michael022002 Wrote: [ -> ]interested in the wright.
Don't see anything of equivalent value I want.
Check me for the Clausen Sweet Spot. Thanks, let me know.
Check me for the Mark Ellis auto card.
Have you sent any of my trades? I still have not heard back from you on either one.
please check my bucket for the a-gon, kinsler and liriano
Open offer coming for the Gonzalez