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Full Version: Durant 50th Anniversary variation.
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I need help finding the variation card of the 2007-08 durant rc. I found card 112.. but the 2 of 14 from orange and white set are eluding me. Can anyone help?
I have a few of these. They shouldn't be too hard to find on the bay. I bought an unopened pack of the Orange for like $6. I would be willing to trade but it would have to be a trade in my favor since these are PC for me. I really like that they did a couple variations of these cards.
yeah, i like the way you can differentiate between walmart or target retail rc sets.

I just cant find a listing on here for them, probably isnt one if they were a retail special
Yeah I think I have both of them orange and white as well.
i usually figure retail is going for about 25% less then original brand.. but i have had surprises in the past where they were sometimes more bv.. i doubt it in this case though!