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Full Version: Jeff Gordon auto question
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I know Jeff's auto's these days have that dumb hologram sticker over them. I found this one on eBay, and I contemplated buying it. Not a bad price for a Gordon auto /10. The signature looks legit, but no hologram sticker? Did they forget to put it on? Is it fake? Here's the auction. Thanks!
Thanks for the opinions!
Yeah, you're welcome. Big Grin
I looked for any answers, but came up with nothing that would definitely help you. I still haven't seen any JG AU's with a low # that didn't have a sticker.
I doubt it is fake though b/c the AU cards have a specific design and are not like any other cards released in 2011! I don't see how someone could get an unsigned version of that card and fake the AU.
I spoke with one of the customer service reps at press pass. They told me that is possible one slipped through without the sticker. They aslo agree with spaz that its is unlikely that somone would be able to counterfiet the card other wise.

I would keep it as a lol 1/1 it is uniqe