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Full Version: post your mavs pride here
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Congrats to the Dallas Mavs as the 2011 NBA champ. Lets see some of your Mavs collections here.

Here is some of my nicest Mavs
[Image: ImportedPhotos00105-1.jpg][Image: ImportedPhotos00064.jpg]

[Image: ImportedPhotos00091.jpg]

[Image: ImportedPhotos00070-1-1.jpg]

the Jet
[Image: TerryJason99FocusFreshInk.jpg]

[Image: ImportedPhotos00122.jpg][Image: ImportedPhotos00121.jpg]
That Kidd auto/patch is just sick! Great cards man, Glad to see Dirk/Kidd/Terry/etc get a ring! They truly deserved it!
I couldn't be more happier today. Congratulations from CLEVELAND OHIO.
Here's just something for the Heat :

[Image: reggie-miller-choke.jpg]

[Image: 102_ozzie_choke_bdd.jpg]

[Image: DeMarcus-Cousins-Choking-Gesture.bmp]

[Image: groupchoke.jpg]

[Image: groupchoke.jpg]

[Image: ap_NBA_Finals_Lebron_James_jt_110612_wg.jpg]

[Image: crying-285x300.jpg]

[Image: lebron_crybaby.jpg]

[Image: 1307937492.jpg?x=198&y=136&xc=1&yc=1&wc=...IgKwVMcQ--]

Congrats to Dallas for proving that "The King" is ALL BLING" but NO RING!!

Lol... Some nice choking Moment you got there.
Here are some more Dirk..Enjoy...

[Image: ImportedPhotos00182.jpg]

[Image: ImportedPhotos00183.jpg]

My first Dirk Gu pulled
[Image: ImportedPhotos00185.jpg]

[Image: ImportedPhotos00186.jpg][Image: ImportedPhotos00187.jpg]

[Image: ImportedPhotos00202.jpg][Image: ImportedPhotos00203.jpg]

[Image: ImportedPhotos00189.jpg][Image: ImportedPhotos00198.jpg]
If only I had a scanner I have some beautiful Mavs cards
Showing you one of my greatest Mavs pride yet. Enjoy...
[Image: dallas-1-2-2.jpg]
Lebron didn't go to college cause he knew he wouldn't show up for the finals!
Some more mavs collection.
[Image: ImportedPhotos00107.jpg][Image: ImportedPhotos00277.jpg][Image: ImportedPhotos00278.jpg]

[Image: ImportedPhotos00109.jpg] [Image: ImportedPhotos00141-1.jpg][Image: ImportedPhotos00156-1.jpg]

[Image: ImportedPhotos00111.jpg]

[Image: CIMG0046.jpg] [Image: CIMG0066.jpg]

and it funny that Caron was drafted by the Heats back in 2002.
[Image: ImportedPhotos00280.jpg][Image: ImportedPhotos00281.jpg]
dont care for the mavericks i like there cards but dont care for the team and thats the only championship they will ever win i can tell you that now !!!!!!! just saying
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