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Full Version: 2011 topps rising rookies
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went to the lcs today and only had this one so i tried it to see what i could get. ended up doing pretty well got 2 guys i havent picked up an auto of but one of them is in a triple so its pretty nice. i didnt know a box ever could have that many rookies in it. i filled one of those 100 ct card things about 12 packs in with just rookies. got i think all the big names which was pretty nice now onto the hits though. first off is a playmaker jersey of stephen jackson
[Image: IMG_20110611_230527.jpg]

cj spiller jersey
[Image: IMG_20110611_230536.jpg]

now for the autos kaepernick auto 79/100
[Image: IMG_20110611_230545.jpg]

and this one i think is pretty nice
[Image: IMG_20110611_230551.jpg]

all these will be up ft when beckett puts the bv up on them lmk how you guys think i did
That's a sweet triple auto.
it seemed to be a bills box in the beginning i hit the spiller jersey and then the triple but im kind of wondering why those 3 are together other than running backs or is that the reason not sure. glad i hit a ingram and a kaepernick i needed autos of them
Nice pulls. I like the look of the playmaker subset. I'm not crazy about the Freshman Impressions set though, too much empty space. I have the Jacoby Ford auto from it (whos auto is WAY tiny) and it's just so empty of a card.
If the keapernick is available can you check me?
it will be when it books
Love the Jackson of course!
Nice triple that will be in high demand
I think the triple is SEC rb's.
(06-12-2011, 05:17 AM)mrgonzodad Wrote: [ -> ]I think the triple is SEC rb's.
thats what i was thinking but then i second guessed myself becuase i thought clemson was in the acc... tells you how much i watch college instead of FSU
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