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Full Version: Anyone still waiting for their magazine?
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I subscribe to Beckett Basketball and started feeling like I was way overdue for a new issue.I checked ebay and a few other sites to see if it was released yet and was puzzled to find that it has been available for weeks.

I was about to post this question on another forum when I scrolled down and saw that another member had already asked this question.Apparently, he and I are the only ones on that site with this problem

Is anyone else still waiting for their copy?
I cancelled my print subscription years ago because the only thing I could count on was my "new" issue arriving 2-3 weeks after it hits the retail stores. I even paid extra to have them bagged because I started wondering if someone at my PO was enjoying first every month. (that was a waste too, it only showed up bagged 1/2 the time...) I called Beckett customer service 10+ times to try to resolve my mags arriving late (every single issue was 2-3 weeks late, literally) and nothing ever changed. Good luck.
Mine haven't arrived, contacted beckett and I was told it was going to be here on the last week of May, the first of June has past and still waiting.
I've been waiting for my LCS to get some in. It seems like every time I go in I ask him to order me one. IDK if it keeps getting bought or if it just never came.
One site that was selling these stated that they were released on May 17.They've been selling on ebay since at least May 20th.Blowout was sold out last week but I see they're back in stock.I've been subscribing for 2 years and never had to wait this long before.You would think subscribers would be first priority
The schedule was adjusted to try and get the NBA Finals into an issue faster. We were able to change the cover to reflect the winner but not inside contents. Should be on its way soon.
Ah, I see.Thanks for the heads up
Finally my magazine arrived, but I'm very disappointed as the cover is the same that have been selling since May. NO FINALS CHAMP in the cover, so what was it with the almost a month delay?
I am still waiting on mine. and its the end of June. I don;t understand. and as someone else stated you would think that subscribers would get theirs first.