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Full Version: XstreamINsanity's Trade/Sale Thread (and Rules): Mainly looking for Pistons
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I apologize for the lengthiness of this post. Smile

XstreamINsanity's Trade Rules

Pistons before anything else
There are sets that I am chasing, but if it comes to 4 cards totaling $10 or an $8 Pistons card, I prefer the Pistons card. I will trade a $20 card for multiple Pistons cards, because I prefer quantity over quality, but that is depending on the situation. I will trade in your favor if I'm getting a Jersey or Autograph card and all you're getting is base, parallels and inserts. I would LIKE (not expected, but preferred) you to trade in my favor if the role was reversed. If you want all Jersey and Autographs from me, but I am receiving none, I would like a little extra.

I do have some allegiances
There are some collectors here who get first picking at specific players, teams, or sets. Here's some of them (these aren't all, just a few, and they aren't specifically in order):
NickM1123 - Michael Jordan, Ray Allen, Kyle Weaver, Kevin Durant.
leadmetogreatness - Celtics
chaudhrysunny - High end (he has a lot of Pistons I need)
pingbling - Jordans (after Nick; he also has a lot of Pistons I need)
taffster74 - Set Fillers and the plenty of players he collects.
mrhurtado17 - Lakers and Clippers.
All of these people have helped me out greatly, along with many other collectors, and I like to help them out like they help me out.

Who ships first?
For the most part, if I've traded with you a few times, I don't care. If I've only traded with you once and you have fewer than 20 trades, I'd prefer that you do. But if all I'm giving you is set fillers or low end inserts, I don't care.

I only trade via Beckett's Trade Tool
I will not trade with you via PM, Forum or email. Please have your cards in your organize and marked for trade. I know it hurts me some by doing it this way, but this is my preferred way.

I'm not putting any in this thread because I have thousands of cards for trade and I personally don't know what some people do and don't want. For that reason, my scans are on the items in my Organize. If you don't see a scan of a card you're interested in, let me know and when I can, I'll scan it and put it up there. It keeps the thread from bogging down due to too many pictures. Just see my Pistons PC thread. lol.

Checking you
If you ask me to, it might take a while. If I'm at work, I'm not supposed to be on Photobucket. At home, I've got kids and a family, so time is very limited, even on the weekends. I have all of my wants in the system, so if you know you have cards I want, please post the pictures, or direct links, in here. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, do not give me a list of cards you have and ask me to go through them. Put them in your Organize or look through mine for what I want and tell me what you have that I want. Please!!!!

When will I ship?
I think I'm going to adopt and change Iamralpho's philosophy (I think that's who does this). The earliest you can expect me to ship out is the weekend of my payday. If we complete a trade on Wednesday, but I don't get paid until NEXT Friday, don't expect me to ship until that Friday or Saturday. However, if I'm doing ok financially, then I might ship it that weekend.

How do I ship?
I use bubble mailers, most of the time I use DC's, and almost exclusively through USPS.

PWEs (Plain White Envelopes)
These are UNACCEPTABLE. Unless we have spoken about it before you ship, and you explain that it is going to be in between two hard surfaces, etc., I expect my cards in a bubble mailer or box with padding. If we did not discuss it and you send me a card in a PWE, I will mark down your feedback even if the card is fine.

BV vs. SV
Please do not say "Well, the card I'm giving you will sell for $5 and so will the one I'm getting" if yours is a $10 BV patch and mine is a $20 BV autograph. I'm not interested in SV because I will not be selling my PC cards.

If I have cards you want to buy, please PM me a price, including shipping, you'd be willing to pay for them and we can negotiate. I will not PM you a price. You're the one that wants/needs them, I do not, so you're more than welcome to have them as long as I come out a little above even.

I AM NOT BUYING!!!!! I will trade for cards I need and sell cards I don't need to make sure for space and save money to bust packs. If you post a card for trade and I don't have anything for it, I might approach you to buy it, but don't post a pic and say "Are you interested in buying this?" Please!!!

Be realistic, unfortunately
Unfortunately, I do not have anything high end. Unless you're willing to take many $5-$10 cards of some name players and some no-name players for a $50+ BV card, please don't tease me. Smile My plan is to get all of the cheap ones first (all under $5) and then work my way up.

First off, the only 1/1s I'm interested in are ones where there is a stamp, or a company written 1/1. A Joe Dumars numbered 4/25 is not a 1/1. Sorry. Smile Also, I'd prefer a non-plate 1/1 to a plate. However, I'm not really going for 1/1s as there are way too many (3,000ish just for Pistons alone) and at this time it's unrealistic to trade for a 1/1 when I could get 10 cards for the same card.

Cards in my Organize
It's pointless to ask me if I have anything else for trade. The cards I have for trade are in my Organize. If they are not in there now, they will be in time (currently only finished 1998-99 through 2010-11). I will not go through cards not in my Organize to find cards that you want/need. I'm very OCD about my organize of my cards and hate spending time taking them out then putting them back in order.

Where will I ship?
Honestly, pretty much anywhere. I've shipped to the UK, to Australia, Canada and the US. Trades that are overseas I prefer to be bigger due to shipping costing a bit more. I'd rather do one bigger trade than 5 smaller trades.

There might be more that I forgot, but oh well. I'm currently at 3,265 different Pistons cards. Here is how I define a Pistons card:
  • The Player (if only a 1 player card) or a Player (if a multi-player card) has a Pistons jersey on.
  • The card states that the player plays for the Pistons.
  • The card states that the players was traded to the Pistons.
  • The card is an Olympic card from the same year the player played for the Pistons

Now, these rules are what I follow, not what I expect everyone else to follow on their own trades. People are free to adopt any part of these rules if they wish to do so. I just could not fit this in my About Me or in my signature. I do know not everyone is going to read these rules as some will start trades from the item page or through Matchmaker when it's ready. I simply put this here for those who use this forum regularly and are curious about my rules. They are subject to change at any time and I will put at the bottom when they were last updated. I think I may also list in here everyone I've traded with and how many times.

Updated 07/11/2011

Here are some items that I currently have for trade. They aren't my best items or all of my items, just the ones that I currently have the pictures uploaded into Beckett. The following scans are all pictures I scanned personally and you can check my Organize to make sure.

Click each image for larger picture.

Hover over each image for full item Description

Click HERE to initiate trade with me.


I'm willing to sell my cards for very very little. Some of them I have sales prices listed for (not necessarily the ones listed in this thread) and I'll be working on updating all of the other ones. However, if you let me know what you want and what you're willing to pay, I'll update my organize and we can work something out. Payment can be via paypal, money order, check, cash (only paypal will ship fastest) and we'll work out the shipping details as well. Thanks.

If there are cards in my org you want scans for, let me know and I'll try to get them uploaded. Thank you very much.
sucks im second on the list for jordans, thanks nick lol. ill check your org right now xstream, dont forget i collect lebron too.
(05-20-2011, 02:46 PM)pingbling23 Wrote: [ -> ]sucks im second on the list for jordans, thanks nick lol. ill check your org right now xstream, dont forget i collect lebron too.
lol. Sorry man. He's first because he's gone above and beyond at times. I hate how many Jordan collectors there are out there, makes me have to put people in lines. Smile

Yeah, see what you can find. I think you have 60+ cards I need ($230+ BV), Sunny has 50+ cards I need ($260+ BV), leadmetogreatness has 40ish cards I need ($120+ BV) and there's a fellow in Germany who has quite a few I need, including some German cards. So between you and Sunny, whichever one I can get a lot of cards from, I'll be happy. Hopefully both of you. Smile
open offer sent, you can pick out 100 bv worth of base/inserts/rc's/and possibly parallels for what im asking for.
(05-20-2011, 03:08 PM)pingbling23 Wrote: [ -> ]open offer sent, you can pick out 100 bv worth of base/inserts/rc's/and possibly parallels for what im asking for.
Countered. Thanks man.
done deal, you da man, cards will go out on monday, quick 70 dollar trade lol.
sent a small offer
(05-20-2011, 04:09 PM)pingbling23 Wrote: [ -> ]done deal, you da man, cards will go out on monday, quick 70 dollar trade lol.
Yep. I have three trades completed since I put this up, three more in the works. Smile
(05-20-2011, 04:33 PM)greekgoony Wrote: [ -> ]sent a small offer
Added a comment.
found 4-500 78 topps -=-------should I look thru them , ?? do you want 78s?????????/

(05-20-2011, 05:41 PM)xstreaminsanity Wrote: [ -> ]Yep. I have three trades completed since I put this up, three more in the works. Smile

Added a comment.
Trades finished with (all Packaged, ready to go out):


104 incoming - 87 Pistons PC, 14 Set Fillers, 3 duplicates (whoops)

Trades being worked with:


Potential 58 incoming - 50ish Pistons PC, 8ish Set Fillers

Thanks to everyone. Hope to get some more trades done.
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