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Full Version: Authenticated fake cards
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Recently Beckett has graded 2 cards from Score's Dragon Ball GT Trading Card Game as being authentic cards. These 2 cards "The Almighty Light Cage" and "Super Dragon Fist" are world champion cards. There is only 1 copy of The Almighty Light Cage in the world and all copies of Super Dragon Fist were destroyed. The 2 cards Beckett authenticated have been confirmed as fake cards by 3 ex-Score employees who worked on the dbz/gt tcg.

The person who had these fake cards graded and authenticated by Beckett is now trying to sell them on Ebay for $35,000.

The Almighty Light Cage -

Super Dragon Fist -

I'd like to know if Beckett can do anything about this to stop someone getting ripped off by spending a large amount of money on these fake cards.
People collect Dragon Ball Z cards?
Yeah there's a lot of people collecting the cards. Score designed the cards with a lot of features to interest collectors and they have continued to collect cards for the game even after it ended in 2005.

Is there anything that can be done to remove the authentication on cards that have already been graded by Beckett? Or is it too late for them to do anything about it now?
have you contacted beckett?
Yeah I contacted them about 10 days ago when the auction started. I'd like to try to get the auction taken down asap before someone buys it, or she accepts one of the offers and someone wastes a lot of money on these fake cards.
I thought Beckett may have some staff on the forums who would reply to this but maybe I'll have to try sending them another message through their contact page.
No reply to the 2nd message either =(. I contacted their Beckett Grading Services. Would that be the right department to talk to about this or should I contact someone else?
Send a message to member jeffv96masters he is a MOD and is normally on the BGS board as for a stopping and ebay auction you will probally have a pretty hard time you will have to somehow prove they are fake and being that they are Slabed by BGS Authenticated ebay probally want do anything about it i know nothing about these cards but If they are indeed fake i hope no one pay a ton of money for them I hate to see anyone get ripped off.
it had 7 bids and all were declined they are asking 10k for it now.that was the almighty light cage.i made a bid on the other one for 5 bucks lol.
I am somewhat familiar with these, I sold one for like $80 back in 2004 that I just happen to pull at a LCS.
I watched the show, but never really collected the cards.

Another possible scenario- The person who has them either works for a recycling paper mill or got it from someone who does. When I worked at a paper mill after college, I saw hoards of unproduced or very limited produced cards that were meant for destruction in the recycling pulpers (a giant blender used to liquefy used paper goods).

Long story short, I knew of an employee that faced criminal copyright charges because of the Topps baseball cards that he saved from destruction and sold at a card show. When the next person to purchased them, they were like "these shouldn't exist" and then inquired with topps about the origins of the cards.

It wasn't long after that, they hauled the paper mill employee off in handcuffs.

This could be a similiar scenario and the manufacturer of the cards are the ones that would have to file charges. BGS wouldn't actually be wrong about them being authentic either, the cards would just be undistributed, not fake.

That was one of the cool things about that job is checking out the sets before they hit the shelves, as well as seeing cards that never were. I was soooo tempted a few times, but after seeing an arrest, I wouldn't chance it.
I have connected none.
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