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Full Version: Authenticated fake cards
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I will be sure to share this with my colleagues in BGS.

Bill S.
(04-15-2011, 10:43 PM)the cardboard fan Wrote: [ -> ]People collect Dragon Ball Z cards?
(04-12-2011, 05:59 PM)Kamiccolo Wrote: [ -> ]Recently Beckett has graded 2 cards from Score's Dragon Ball GT Trading Card Game as being authentic cards. These 2 cards "The Almighty Light Cage" and "Super Dragon Fist" are world champion cards. There is only 1 copy of The Almighty Light Cage in the world and all copies of Super Dragon Fist were destroyed. The 2 cards Beckett authenticated have been confirmed as fake cards by 3 ex-Score employees who worked on the dbz/gt tcg.

The person who had these fake cards graded and authenticated by Beckett is now trying to sell them on Ebay for $35,000.

The Almighty Light Cage -

Super Dragon Fist -

I'd like to know if Beckett can do anything about this to stop someone getting ripped off by spending a large amount of money on these fake cards.
Isn't grading just telling you hey this card is in this shape ?
I didn't realize they authentic them if you don't pay for that.

Looked at the sellers feedback. Found THIS funny....

it was way overpriced, can get the same thing from to toyrus for a fraction

I mean really. You bought & paid for item....... Not the sellers fault you didn't look around...
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