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Full Version: Al Leiter, Kenny Lofton, Lee Smith wanted
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Hi everyone. I'm looking to buy or trade for a Al Leiter, Kenny Lofton, and Lee Smith Yankee autos. Not looking for in person or ttm autos, only pack pulled autos. I think Lofton has a 2004 Fleer Sweet Siks auto, Lee Smith a 2004 Donruss Recollection buyback auto, and the Leiter might be a 2004 Upper Deck Pro Sigs auto. Also, only want the autos of them in their yankees uniforms. I've been looking for these for so long with success. Please help me out everyone. I appreciate it. Thanks.
Here's some pics so everyone can see what they are looking for Smile

04 Fleer Sweet Sigs Lofton Auto
[Image: kennyloftonsweetsigsauto.jpg]

Lee Smith recollection collection
[Image: leesmithrecollectionauto11.jpg]

2005 UD Signature Sensations Al Leiter Auto
[Image: leitersignaturesensationsauto.jpg]
Ah, your the best matsuicollector. Much appreciated.
Thought I'd try on the message boards too...your Inbox is full, lol.
Still looking for these autos, plus Jon Leiber, Red Rolfe, Buddy Hassett, Bob Watson, Aaron Boone, Red Ruffing, Joe McCarthy, Ray Ricken, Juan Rivera, and Matthew Drews. Only looking for certified autos, not in person autos, and only autos of them in a Yankees uniform. Please help me with this, and thanks.