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Full Version: MONTA ELLIS
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Ok Guys/Gals, I am looking for ALL Monta Ellis RC cards and RC YEAR cards. 2005-2006 ONLY.
I am willing to trade in your favor or Pay cash.
Show me what you got!
Hello I have an Ellis Topps 1952 style rookie card that an interest you.
I also have a few Michael Crabtree Sage rookie cards. I don't think I have loaded either into my collection but if you are interested I will.
Please send me a PM if interested.
Nobody has any Ellis cards????  GIVE THEM TO ME.........
I got a debut ink rookie auto, but it would be hard to get that out of my hands.  LMK what you got.
I got plenty, A lot of stuuf not in my organize to. Can you narrow it down a bit? what are you collecting right now?
bump it
No Ellis cards?? C'mon
Wow!! Someone come thru please...
Trying again