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Full Version: my best bird
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just got this in the mail

[Image: 2010-12-02_15-24-32_878.jpg]
[Image: 2010-12-02_15-50-46_744.jpg]
Good pick up

Here are my best Birds

[Image: DSC02351.jpg]
[Image: DSC02146.jpg]
[Image: DSC02093.jpg]
Very nice card. I think you can get the same design with a jersey as well. You might want to try for the whole collection.
Very nice pick up. Those cards have a very nice design.
Here is my only "Larry Legend."
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Here are my two favorite Birds'......

[Image: larrybird-1.jpg]

[Image: MagicBird.jpg]
Very nice cards, here is my best Bird

[Image: LarryBirdBuyback.jpg]
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