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So I decided to start a NYK collection. I've decided I only want cards of Knicks inNYK uniforms. So here's all my autographs. All of these are eitherbox/pack pulled. The Ewings are from eBay.

06'07 Fleer Hot Prospects Nate Robinson "Sweet Selections" Autograph Jersey Card #22/25

05'06 SPX David Lee Autograph Jersey RC #133/1,499

05'06 Trilogy Walt Frazier "Auto Focus" Autograph Card

03'04 Exquisite Patrick Ewing "Exquisite Patches" Autograph Patch Card #80/100 (3 colors)

07'08 SP Authentic Wilson Chandler Autograph Patch RC #198/599

07'08 Topps Letterman Wilson Chandler Autograph Letterman RC #7/33

07'08 Topps Luxury Box Wilson Chandler Autograph Jersey Parallel RC #27/39

06'07 SPX Renaldo Balkman Autograph Dual Jersey RC #881/1,199

06'07 SP Authentic Channing Frye, Mardy Collins & Renaldo Balkman "Sign of the Times Triple" Autograph Card #10/10

08'09 Premier Bill Bradley "Premier Stitchings" Patch Card #16/50
1997 Fleer Patrick Ewing "23KT Gold" Card #104/10,000

08'09 Exquisite David Lee Base Card #44/125

Not bad considering I haven't been trying to collect Knicks stuff. Istill need to take pics of all my parallel basecards & base autograph cards. I'll keep adding to this post as I get more cards. Happy NewYear!!
1-2-10, So I've found & uploaded all my NYK memorabilia cards. Iforgot about Slavko Vranes, lol. Does that mean anything to any of youor do you think I'm speaking gibberish? lol!

03'04 Fleer Tradition Slavko Vranes "Hats Off" Draft Night Hat RC #131/180

04'05 Fleer Tradition Allan Houston, Stephon Marbury & Jamal Crawford "Tip-Off Trios" Triple Jersey Card #60/75

06'07 SPX Eddy Curry & Channing Frye "Winning Combos (lol @ name)" Dual Jersey Card

06'07 Topps Luxury Box Stephon Marbury & Steve Francis "Courtside" Dual Jersey Parallel Card #24/49

06'07 Trilogy Channing Frye & Renaldo Balkman "Generations - Present and Future" Dual Jersey Card #43/50

03'04 Black Diamond Charlie Ward "Single Diamond" Jersey Card (my 2nd fav.)

03'04 Topps Bazooka Michael Sweetney "Bazooka Beginnings" Jersey RC

03'04 Topps Jersey Edition Michael Sweetney "2003 Draft Stitching Standout Selection" Patch RC

06'07 SP Game-Used John Starks "Legendary Fabrics" Jersey Card #96/100 (my favorite!!)

05'06 Hardcourt Nate Robinson "Hardcourt Rookies" Jersey RC #231/250(Nate the Great just put up 41 points off the bench in a win @Atlanta!!!)

08'09 Upper Deck Zach Randolph "UD Game Jersey" Jersey Card
06'07 Sweet Shot Stephon Marbury "Sweet Stitches" Jersey Card

05'06 Rookie Debut Allan Houston "Debut Threads" Jersey Card

09'10 Topps Al Harrington "Roundball Remnants" Jersey Card

07'08 Artifacts Channing Frye "NW-Divisional" Jersey Card #174/250

06'07 Sweet Shot Steve Francis "Sweet Stitches" Gold Parallel Jersey Card #23/50

Thats it for jersey cards. I'll be looking for all my numbered parallelbase cards of NYK players & base autograph cards. Sooooo happy about Nate's return!!!
Nice collection. I have a David Lee auto if you're interested
This is an amazing PC, some really great looking cards.

Slavko Vranes... what a legend! I got a DVD for Christmas called "Crossover" which looks at basketball culture around the world. It's got a nice section on the hopes and dreams of Slavko Vranes and Darko Milicic on draft night, 2003.
Nice collection, I particularly like the 'hats off' card, it is quite unusual
@ folkertino - Thanks!
@ Will23C11982 - Thanks!  I just had a strange feeling Slavko would never pan out.  "Don't judge a book by it's cover", well I don't think that applies here...Ironic though that Darko is now on the NYKnicks..
@ Neobright - Thanks, ya know I don't think I've ever seen another card like that on a forum.  Wished, I could've pulled a better player but...what can ya do...
@ filamurai - Thanks, my Father always said to take pride in what you do, so I do!
07'08 Topps Chrome Wilson Chandler Autograph RC #86/539

07'08 SP Rookie Edition "97'98 SP Rookie Retro" Autograph RC

07'08 Topps Stadium Club Wilson Chandler X-Fractor Autograph RC

06'07 Topps Turkey Red Renaldo Balkman Black Parallel Autograph RC#1/10 (pulled this in 1 pack, was pretty psyched at the time too cuz hewas playing nice for us..)

06'07 Topps Trademark Moves Renaldo Balkman "Rookie - Level 1" Autograph RC #14/75

06'07 Bowman Sterling Renaldo Balkman Autograph RC

05'06 Hardcourt Trevor Ariza "Hardcourt Signatures" Autograph Card (he should still be here, I wish he was..)

So thats it for tonight. Enjoy!!
1-3-10 ~ So here are all my base autograph cards, meaning they're onlyautographed jersey/patches. I really wish we still hadAriza...glad he got a ring though!

05'06 SP Authentic Nate Robinson Autograph RC #259/1,299

09'10 SP Signature Edition Quentin Richardson "SIGnificance" Autograph Card #65/379

07'08 Fleer Ultra S.E. Quentin Richardson "Autographics" Autograph Card

05'06 Rookie Debut David Lee "Debut Ink" Autograph RC

07'08 Topps David Lee "50th Anniversary" Autograph Card (check out Lee in that headband, lol!)

08'09 Topps Treasury Danilo Gallinari Silver Parallel Autograph Refractor RC #25/25

08'09 Topps Treasury Danilo Gallinari Autograph Refractor RC

08'09 Skybox Chris Duhon "Fresh Ink" Autograph Card

09'10 Panini Prestige Toney Douglas "Draft Picks" Autograph RC #58/399

06'07 Topps Finest Mardy Collins Autograph Refractor RC (hoped he would've panned out..)

07'08 Upper Deck Wilson Chandler "Rookie Debut" Autograph RC (my fav. Ill-Will)
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