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I thought I'd put this up for people to see as a new, hidden collection. Have to say I started collecting this guy after getting the Topps Triple Threads /10 in a trade. I also really like the Bucs patch colors. Not the best reason, but is what it is. Sorry the scans aren't by product...they just went on the scanner when they came in. I didn't duplicate any scans, so if you see a card twice, I have two of them!! LOL

Okay Texans81, here you go! Smile 

[Image: img355.jpg]

[Image: img354.jpg]

[Image: DJack1-1.jpg]

[Image: DJack1.jpg]

[Image: img099.jpg]

[Image: DJack7-10.jpg]

[Image: DJack6.jpg]

[Image: DJack7-09.jpg]

[Image: DJack2.jpg]

[Image: DJack2-1.jpg]

[Image: DJack3.jpg]

[Image: DJack4.jpg]

[Image: DJack3-1.jpg]

[Image: DJackSPXTrio.jpg]

[Image: DJackNew7-41.jpg]

[Image: DJack7-17.jpg]

[Image: DJack4-1.jpg]

[Image: img100.jpg]

[Image: DJacktriplethreads.jpg]

[Image: DJack5.jpg]

[Image: img181.jpg]

Hope you enjoyed them!
Wow sickkkkkkk cards!!!!!


Goregeous colors...You have great taste in cards!
Damn it, Wendy, your secret collection is 10x better than my regular collection =)$0$0$0$0Sick sick sick!!!$0
emoticonIf thats a hidden collection, then, then, then, emoticon
Thanks everyone! It's been fun collecting this guy, but I got in a little deeper than I thought I would. Smile
WOW! Not many more words for that collection than that! Can't wait to see more!
Wendy!! Simply awesome...Great Collection as usual!!

What the heck don't you have? Does Upper Deck, Topps, and Paninni (sp) give you a sample of each card before they hit the market in wax boxes, lol?

Nice job!!!

G Mo
You sneaky devil.emoticon
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