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hi i have lots of old mags and videos but i would like to at least post my card pics on here but have to figure out how to do it first i dont have a scanner i can take them with a camera but have to figure out how to get them on the thread?
you need photobucket and need to use the [IMG] link. PM if you need more help.


thxs i will do that then......
I currently have every set from 2005 Topps Heritage through the last 2009 Topps WWE set including every insert, tshirt and mat cards. I also have several autos which I will post. I also have several SP's and rare cards from overseas. I also draw many wrestler portraits and I plan on drawing a whole sketch book of my favs to have auto'd someday. I have also been to numerous Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown's and many live house shows including one when I was 12 and Shawn Michaels almost broke my hand giving me a high five! I was also the first person known publicly to pull a sketch card from the new 09 set case. Here goes:

[Image: 05HeritageIronShiekAuto.jpg]
[Image: 09WWEMichelleMcCoolAuto.jpg]
[Image: 09ToppsWWERandyOrtonandCowboyBobOrt.jpg]
[Image: 09ToppsWWEJimRossAuto2.jpg]
[Image: 09WWEJohnCenaWrestlemania25Patch.jpg]
[Image: 09WWEShirtsofSantinoTheMizDiBiasean.jpg]
[Image: 05WWEHeritageStacyKeiblerAuto.jpg]
[Image: 05WWEHeritageChiefJayStrongbowAuto.jpg]
[Image: 2009WWESantinoMarellaAuto.jpg]
[Image: 2009WWEDustyandCodyRhodesDualAuto.jpg]
[Image: 09WWEShawnMichaelsShirt.jpg]
[Image: 09WWETedDiBiaseandTedDiBiaseJrDualL.jpg]
[Image: 09WWERickySteamboat-JimRoss-ArnAnde.jpg]
[Image: 09WWEReyMysterioAutoMatRelic.jpg]
[Image: 09WWEEveTorresSketchCard.jpg]
[Image: 09WWEEveTorresSketchCardBack.jpg]
[Image: 09WWEDustyandCodyRhodesDualLegacyAu.jpg]
[Image: 09WWECarlitoandPrimoDualLegacyAutos.jpg]
[Image: 09WWE3SantinoShirtsandTheMizShirt.jpg]
[Image: 09WWE3HHHandTheMizShirts.jpg]
[Image: 05WWEHeritageKANEAuto.jpg]
[Image: 04ChaosTheRockUsedShirt.jpg]
[Image: 01FleerClashRumbleRingSkirtJERICHOa.jpg]
[Image: MattHardyWWEHeritage3Shirt.jpg]
[Image: JeffHardyHeritage4Shirt.jpg]
[Image: BigShowShirt.jpg]
[Image: CarlitoShirt.jpg]
[Image: ChrisJerichoShirt.jpg]
[Image: ChristyHemmeRARE.jpg]
[Image: ChristyHemmeInsertRARE.jpg]
[Image: EugeneShirt.jpg]
[Image: HoganShirt.jpg]
[Image: HulkHogan.jpg]
[Image: JohnCena.jpg]
[Image: JohnCenaShirt.jpg]
[Image: JohnCenaShirt3.jpg]
[Image: KurtAngleShirt.jpg]
[Image: KurtAngleShirt2.jpg]
[Image: MattHardyShirt.jpg]
[Image: Mr.jpg]
[Image: PsicosisShirt.jpg]
[Image: ReyMysterioShirt.jpg]
[Image: ShawnHBKMichaelsShirt.jpg]
[Image: ShawnMichaelsHBK.jpg]
[Image: ShawnMichaelsHBKShirt3.jpg]
[Image: ShawnMichaelsShirt.jpg]
[Image: ShawnMichaelsShirt1.jpg]
[Image: StoneColdvsRockShirts.jpg]
[Image: TripleH.jpg]
[Image: TripleHShirt.jpg]
[Image: SamoaJoe.jpg]
[Image: StoneColdSteveAustin.jpg]
[Image: TripleH.jpg]
[Image: UndertakerInkDot.jpg]
[Image: reymysterio.jpg]
[Image: JohnCena2.jpg]
[Image: IMAG0011.jpg]
[Image: Undertaker.jpg]


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Authentic champion belt & mask, autographed both by Rey Mysterio. If your interested in buying it. I'm cool with that. Asking $1,500.
Hi Chris,
I have been collecting for around 6 to 8 years. I used to have a much larger collection but I have downsized through the years. I still have a strong collection and some very RARE one of a kind pieces. I collect pro wrestling ring worn/used memorabilia, '82-'83 Wrestling All Stars cards in PSA/BGS 9 MINT or better, vintage wrestling cards that are have been graded and pretty much any wrestling item that catches my eye. I haven't been able to put pictures on here but here is a list of some of the things I have in my collection:

A pair of "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig's WrestleMania IX ring worn boots autographed

"Beautiful" Bobby Eaton's complete ring worn outfit worn at SuperBrawl 1 when he won the WCW TV Title vs. Arn Anderson

I have 20+ '82-'83 Wrestling All Stars cards graded PSA/BGS of which all of them but 2 have received the PSA 10 Gem Mint grade (one of my '82 Wrestling All Stars is the Ric Flair card #27 which was autograph by Flair and I had it authenticated by JSA and got the card graded which was a BGS 9 MINT and 10 for the auto)

Vintage WWF black and white block logo ring used turnbuckle pad autographed by Jerry "The King" Lawler

Metal folding chair used at WWF Unforgiven 2000 in the main event match fatal four-way and it is signed by all 4 wrestling (Undertaker, The Rock, Kane and Chris Benoit) with COA

Brian Pillman Memorial Show 2000 belt made by Joe Marshall (aka J-Mar the maker of all WWE's belts today) which was given away as a raffel for charity and has been autographed by 40+ wrestlers including Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero

I have many vintage original vhs tapes

Many figures MOC or MIB

Vintage programs

and much more I am sure that I am not thinking about

I haven't been able to put pictures on here so if you would like to see any of these pieces Chris I would be more than pleased to get some pics together and email them to you.

Also to anyone, I am looking for any 1982 or 1983 Wrestling All Stars cards graded BGS/PSA 9 Mint or better. I would really like to find BGS or PSA Gem Mint copies. So if anyone out there may have any please let me know. THANKS!!!


I had the rare chance to go the 2005 SummerSlam Press confernece and was in the front row. Let me start I was sent home from Iraq and was at Walter Reed when I had the chance to meet all the wrestlers and I am still a big wrestling so it was a dream come true. After the press conference they took us backstage to meet the guys. Well Orton is a jerk and said that there is many other things h had to do then meet us. JBL came over and started signing 8X10's and taking Poloroids with us and signed the bottom for us. Cena let all us put on the belt and spin it real cool. Batista did the same with his belt. HBK signed diddnt talk much but wasnt a jerk just was ready to get out of there. Kurt Angle was drunk and was talking to everyone. If you can find it on youtube he stood up in his chair and and fell off and knocked the whole backdrop over. Vince was signing his Buisness cards for us and taking pictures he was real cool and talked wrastling with us. When Hogan came out it was the first time I was star struck and the picture shows it. He took a picture with me and then by himself for my good friend. When the press confernce was over I took all the name plates off the tables and the guys sign them. I have sold the other ones but I have John Cena which I am ready to let go.

The WWE gave us tickets to Summerslam and a full VIP treatment before the show a big meet and greet with the guys. Ron Simmons is the coolest guy in wrestling we talked for about a hour about wrestling FSU and how Chris Rix is a good guy but would be better on T.V. then playing on Sunday. He called random people from my including my mother and the whole thing about him drinking beer is true we got pretty tanked. Hurricane was cool, Greg Helms was real cool and Mick Foley was also real cool. If you watch the show I am behind JR and King and holding a sign saying Buzz and Skizzy are Fat. I have the chair from the show which I am will to sell if intereseted email me. Also will sell the John Cena name plate I can show proof of everything.

Jimmy Hart, Chris Harvard, Rosey, Jamaal, Shelton, Jeff Hardy, Bob Holly, Eugene, and many more were great. I have the shirt from the show WWE gave us signed by all the guys none of the top teir guys though I am willing to part with that as well it still has the USO sticker on it. Just thought I would give you my experience with the ones I have met. Also I met The Rock at the Gridiron Gang movie premiere and Andrews Air Force Base and he was so cool signed a football for me and put his WWE stats on it and sketched the cartoon charator of his face on it. That is for the collection sorry. Email me if you are interested in the Cena name plate, the SummerSlam chair with Hogan and Michaels on it, or the Shirt signed by about 20 wrestlers.

Well I've been in the wrestling business for a little over two years (photographer, referee, manager, and wrestler) and over the time I've had time to work with some great workers and get plenty of autos...I'll start off with pix of me marking out:
Me and Kevin Thorn (I look so stupid in most of these lol)
[Image: DSC00748.jpg]

Marty Jeannetty
[Image: DSC00232.jpg]

"Superfly" Jimmy Snuka
[Image: DSC07495.jpg]

Scotty 2 Hotty
[Image: EWF105.jpg]

Shark Boy
[Image: DSC09325.jpg]

Danny Basham
[Image: DSC09846.jpg]

Demolition Ax
[Image: DSC09852.jpg]

I'm going to post these just to make sure I'm still posting pix properly then I'll start adding pix of my collection. Thanks!
Alright...well lets start with the unsigned items:

Board Game
[Image: DSC02834.jpg]

Kosloff figure #ed to 1000
[Image: DSC02835.jpg]

Here are several wrestling programs
[Image: DSC02795.jpg]
[Image: DSC02796.jpg][Image: DSC02797.jpg]
[Image: DSC02823.jpg]
[Image: DSC02822.jpg]

Now...for the memorabilia/#ed/auto cards:
Abyss Printing Plate #1/1
[Image: DSC02822.jpg]

Tommy Dreamer Auto
[Image: DSC02931.jpg]

Kurt Angle Auto
[Image: DSC02930.jpg]

Carlito shirt
[Image: DSC02929.jpg]

Christian Auto
[Image: DSC02928.jpg]

The Miz Auto
[Image: DSC02927.jpg]

Angelina Love Auto
[Image: DSC02926.jpg]

Raven Auto
[Image: DSC02925.jpg]

Shark Boy Gold Level Auto #ed to 50
[Image: DSC02924.jpg]

Mike Tenay Auto
[Image: DSC02923.jpg]

Paul London Auto
[Image: DSC02922.jpg]

Umaga Auto
[Image: DSC02921.jpg]

Hulk Hogan Shirts
[Image: DSC02920.jpg]

Kane/Big Show dual Shirts
[Image: DSC02918.jpg]

Melina/Torrie Wilson mat
[Image: DSC02917.jpg]

Big Show Shirts
[Image: DSC02916.jpg]

Psychosis Shirt
[Image: DSC02915.jpg]

JBL/Batista mat
[Image: DSC02913.jpg]

Rowdy Roddy Piper auto/mem uncirculated
[Image: DSC02912.jpg]

Kane/Umaga mats
[Image: DSC02911.jpg]

Alright hope those were we start the autos..
These are all 11x14 prints from Hardcore Homecoming signed by pretty much everyone there. The first one is an artist proof signed by the workers and the artist and #ed to 175
[Image: DSC02908.jpg]
[Image: DSC02904.jpg]
[Image: DSC02907.jpg]
[Image: DSC02909.jpg]
[Image: DSC02824.jpg]
[Image: DSC02909.jpg]
yes I have two of the last one and I am willing to part with one.

Now for the rest of my autos!
original Bam Bam Bigelow ECW shirt signed by Bam Bam, Shane Douglas, and Steve Corino
[Image: DSC02902.jpg]

Chris Benoit
[Image: BnO26WkKGrHqQOKkYEtkmJzUtEBLis6yBQ_.jpg]

Southern Comfort (Tracy Smothers, Chris Hammrick) bandana
[Image: Bnw8NmkKGrHqQOKiwEtk6dnLhpBLk85UUcw.jpg]

a poster signed by a bunch of indy guys
[Image: DSC02776.jpg]

Sting/AJ Styles signed plaque #ed to 99
[Image: DSC02778.jpg]

Iron Shiek auto'ed action figure
[Image: DSC02779.jpg]

"AWA" wrestlers signed poster (The Crusher, Bon Rachke, etc)
[Image: DSC02780.jpg]

Jake "The Snake" Roberts auto'ed figure
[Image: DSC02781.jpg]

Road Dogg auto'ed figure
[Image: DSC02782.jpg]

Sting Auto'ed poster
[Image: DSC02783.jpg]
[Image: DSC02786.jpg]

Mick Foley Auto'ed poster
[Image: DSC02784.jpg]
[Image: DSC02785.jpg]

Kevin Von Erich (yes there is a kiss mark on it lol I find it hillarious)
[Image: DSC02787.jpg]

Lou Thez
[Image: DSC02788.jpg]

Bruno Sammartino
[Image: DSC02789.jpg]

Belt signed by Danny Basham (twice) and Scotty 2 Hotty
[Image: DSC02790.jpg]
[Image: DSC02791.jpg]
[Image: DSC02792.jpg]
[Image: DSC02793.jpg]

Demolition Ax signed classic belt
[Image: DSC02794.jpg]

Sabu/Balls Mahoney event-used signed chair
[Image: DSC02794.jpg]
[Image: DSC02801.jpg]
[Image: DSC02802.jpg]

Steve Austin signed Plaque
[Image: DSC02798.jpg]

Sandman event-used (broken) and signed Kendu Stick
[Image: DSC02803.jpg]

Sabu event-used signed Kendu Stick
[Image: DSC02804.jpg]

[Image: DSC02805.jpg]

Sandman 16x20
[Image: DSC02806.jpg]

Kevin Nash 11x14
[Image: DSC02807.jpg]

Lou Albano
[Image: DSC02808.jpg]

Howard Finkle
[Image: DSC02809.jpg]

Mankind 16x20
[Image: DSC02810.jpg]

Colt Cabana DVD (just got after refereeing him Saturday)
[Image: DSC02811.jpg]

Bret Hart autographed 1st edition book
[Image: DSC02812.jpg]

Next we've got a WWE legends book signed by all of the following
[Image: DSC02813.jpg]
[Image: DSC02814.jpg]
[Image: DSC02815.jpg]
[Image: DSC02816.jpg]
[Image: DSC02817.jpg]
[Image: DSC02818.jpg]
[Image: DSC02819.jpg]
[Image: DSC02820.jpg]

Shark Boy TNA game
[Image: DSC02836.jpg]

Now for signed programs
Greg Valentine/Bob Backlund
[Image: DSC02840.jpg]

Bob Backlund
[Image: DSC02841.jpg]

Ivan Koloff
[Image: DSC02843.jpg]

Rick Martell
[Image: DSC02844.jpg]

[Image: DSC02845.jpg]

Larry Zybisco/Bruno Sammartino
[Image: DSC02846.jpg]

Now for the rest of it:
Jacqueline/Terri Runnels
[Image: DSC02847.jpg]

Big Show
[Image: DSC02849.jpg]

High Flyers
[Image: DSC02850.jpg]

Tommy Dreamer
[Image: DSC02852.jpg]

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
[Image: DSC02853.jpg]
[Image: DSC02854.jpg]

Front Line (Samoa Joe, Bubbah Ray, D-Von, Rhino, AJ Styles)
[Image: DSC02855.jpg]

[Image: DSC02856.jpg]

Zach Gowen
[Image: DSC02857.jpg]
[Image: DSC02858.jpg]

Billy Graham
[Image: DSC02859.jpg]

Jimmy Jacobs (ref'ed him too)
[Image: DSC02860.jpg]

Marty Jeannetty
[Image: DSC02861.jpg]

Jerry Lawler
[Image: DSC02862.jpg]

[Image: DSC02863.jpg]

Steve McMichael
[Image: DSC02864.jpg]

Mordecai (Kevin Thorn)
[Image: DSC02865.jpg]

Bob Orton
[Image: DSC02866.jpg]

Lanny Poffo
[Image: DSC02867.jpg]

Angelo Poffo
[Image: DSC02868.jpg]

Honky Tonk Man indy program
[Image: DSC02869.jpg]
[Image: DSC02870.jpg]
[Image: DSC02871.jpg]

Jimmy Valiant
[Image: DSC02872.jpg]

Jake "The Snake Roberts
[Image: DSC02873.jpg]
[Image: DSC02874.jpg]

Terri Runnels
[Image: DSC02876.jpg]

[Image: DSC02877.jpg]
[Image: DSC02878.jpg]

[Image: DSC02879.jpg]

Randy Savage
[Image: DSC02880.jpg]

Scotty 2 Hotty (ref'ed him vs Jimmy Jacobs)
[Image: DSC02883.jpg]

Al Snow
[Image: DSC02884.jpg]

Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka
[Image: DSC02885.jpg]

[Image: DSC02886.jpg]

Kevin Thorn (ref'ed and trained with him)
[Image: DSC02887.jpg]

Greg Valentine
[Image: DSC02888.jpg]

Now one of my favorite autographed program
[Image: DSC02889.jpg]
[Image: DSC02890.jpg]
[Image: DSC02891.jpg]
[Image: DSC02892.jpg]
[Image: DSC02893.jpg]
[Image: DSC02894.jpg]
[Image: DSC02895.jpg]
[Image: DSC02896.jpg]
[Image: DSC02897.jpg]
[Image: DSC02898.jpg]
[Image: DSC02899.jpg]
[Image: DSC02900.jpg]
[Image: DSC02901.jpg]

and me...with Jake "The Snake" Roberts lol....I don'e like him lol
[Image: untitled.jpg]
thanks for letting me share...comments welcome Smile
You are so lucky to have met all those superstars !!!
Here in France, we have no occasions to meet them , only see them once a year during the world tour (i have my place since two day Rank A Place 1 ^^

I have only DVD , Bluray and cards that i command on internet cause french wrestling cards are Awful...
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