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I have a question for everyone.  I have a 2001 Press Pass Triple Burner redemption card for Rusty Wallace numbered 005/100.  Its the redemption card that you have to send in for the actual card.  Since I probably can't send it in for the real card, is the redemption card worth anything?
you should call press pass they will still furfill the redemption if they still have the card and if they dont they will often offer a card of equal value i had a 2000 redemption last year for a mark martion patch card and they still honered it and furfilled it so call them first you can find their number on their website i know we are not supposed to add web address's but i will anyway in this case hope you understand beckett
Thanks for the advise.  I will give them a call as soon as I can.  I will let you know if everything goes well.
great i would love to know if they redeem it and also would love to see the card they send you
Just wanted to update you. Press Pass did honor the redemption of the card. It took forever to get it back but they did send me the actual triple burner card.
See, I love Press Pass!!
(06-17-2012 10:33 AM)jeffgordonracing24 Wrote: [ -> ]See, I love Press Pass!!

Best card company hands down.
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