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The title of this thread is supposed to read: The official "football cards that are currently missing from the online Beckett registry" thread.

I am using this thread for an independent project that I have been wanting to do for a while now. Simply put I am going to paste pictures of cards that are currently not listed in the Beckett registry, as stated in the subject heading. Some of these are from my own personal collection while others I found being auctioned online. This will include individual cards, obscure parallels and/or smaller sets. I have posted a fraction of these photos prior already on other threads but now I am going to streamline everything here.

The reason as to why I am doing this is to provide documentation that these cards do exist in the hope that my submissions will be subsequently documented and then later priced. In no way am I doing this to "show up" Beckett, in fact the researchers do an excellent job considering that there are literally millions of different sports cards out there. It is inevitable then that some items are going to fly under the radar.

Additional submissions from others that would qualify as legitimate omissions from the online registry are also very welcome.
so are you only posting pics of cards that are not in the price guide? or posting pics of cards that don't have pictures?
dbestballa23 Wrote:so are you only posting pics of cards that are not in the price guide? or posting pics of cards that don't have pictures?

I am posting cards that are not accounted for on the Beckett registry, ones that Beckett may not even be aware that exist.
*UPDATE - The valentines are now OPG listed but not the stickers.

Let me begin with some oddball stuff, valentines. There are actually a couple earlier Cleo valentine sets listed on the online registry but here are two more from 1997 and 1998, let me start with the latter.
[Image: e3b6_11.jpg][Image: befd_11.jpg][Image: bcde_11.jpg]
These cards are unnumbered and I believe the complete player set is shown above: Steve McNair, Steve Young, Dan Marino, Kordell Stewart, Kerry Collins, Drew Bledsoe, and Brett Favre. Those little things below are stickers featuring team logos and six of the seven players. I am not certain whether a Steve Young/49er one was manufactured though.
*UPDATE - The valentines and window clings are now OPG listed.

The 1997 Cleo valentine set consists of (I do not believe there are any more players than what is listed here): Drew Bledsoe, Brett Favre, Mark Brunell, Kerry Collins, John Elway, Jerry Rice, Dan Marino and Troy Aikman/Emmitt Smith (on the same card). In addition to the valentines there was a smaller window cling replica made of each card from the set. Everything is unnumbered.
[Image: 52ac_11.jpg][Image: 7bcd_11.jpg][Image: 853d_1.jpg][Image: 82_11.jpg]
[Image: 3b_11.jpg][Image: e6_11.jpg][Image: scan0043.jpg][Image: scan0044.jpg]
*UPDATE - I have since learned that these sets are quite numerous and there are variations of at least some of the sets. I am specifically referring to the fact that multiple sets were printed years apart, meaning that the backs and even checklists to a certain extent were changed in later releases. For example, there are three Penn State sets out there that were released in 2005, 2008 and 2010 and none of the three are exactly the same from one another.

I have seen these being sold on eBay a lot lately. Essentially they are card decks of pro sports teams. Currently the drop down menu on the web site says there are card sets for 14 NFL and 9 NCAA football teams, not to mention all the other MLB and other pro sports teams. I supplied the said web site address where checklists can be found. I find it to be a pointless and tedious exercise for me to systematically list all that is available on this post.
[Image: psuplayingcardset.gif]
*UPDATE - The 12 Crown Pro Stickers shown below are now OPG listed, but that is it. See post 355 on page 36 for additional information on these.

These are Crown Pro Sticker Stamps with a copyright of 1997. These are not to be confused with other sticker stamp sets from other years that can be found in price guides or on the online registry. The numbers of each player sticker stamp can be seen on the front.
[Image: scan0046.jpg][Image: scan0047.jpg]
There are additional items made by this company from the same year as well.

For example individual team packs featuring five players and a team logo were released and are the same type of sticker stamps shown above. I only have information for three teams: Cowboys-1 Troy Aikman, 2 Emmitt Smith, 3 Michael Irvin, 4 Daryl Johnston, 5 Deion Sanders; Dolphins-21 Dan Marino, 22 Fred Barnett, 23 Karim Abdul-Jabbar, 24 O.J. McDuffie, 25 Zach Thomas; Jaguars-16 Tony Boselli, 17 Mark Brunell, 18 Keenan McCardell, 19 Natrone Means, 20 Jimmy Smith. I do not know if packages were made for all the NFL teams.

Also this company produced other items that year including a Dan Marino Magnet Card; Large Magnets for Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman; 3-D Action Magnet for Troy Aikman.

I am sure that many other sticker stamps and magnets were produced for other players as well.
EDIT:  Why does any sentence with a number in it get automatically deleted now?

Huh.  Here are a few I have laying around that aren't listed:
[Image: chrisvincenthitauto.jpg]
Last year's SAGE Hit Autographs numbered past sixty.
[Image: nickhill.jpg]
This most recent year's SAGE Hit Autographs numbered past one hundred.
Pretty sure both batches of unlisted Hit autographs are retail blaster box exclusives.  Speaking of which:
[Image: crowns.jpg]
Leaf Rookies & Stars Rookie Crown Collection
Some more oddball-ish ones:
[Image: mvpin.jpg]
x1991x MVP Pins
Not exactly a card set, but the year before is listed, so why not these?
[Image: educational.jpg]
x1991x Sports Educational
Other cards that were cut from a magazine are listed, (Sports Illustrated for Kids comes to mind) and these seem to be relatively common.
[Image: sportscards.jpg]
x1992x Sport Card News
[Image: scd.jpg]
x1992x Sport Collector's Digest
On one hand, I can understand these not being listed, because of the conflict of interest.  But on the other hand, recent Tuff Stuff cards are listed, and that's still a current competitor.
*UPDATE - On page 20, post 199, I provided a checklist for these cards.

I noticed that the 2001 Ultra White Rose Die Cast Cars are listed on the online registry and in the most recent price guide I own, but there is also a 1999 Fleer White Rose Die Cast Car set as well that is not mentioned. Unfortunately I do not know all of the cars/cards in the complete set but besides the Kerry Collins shown below I do know other ones exist for Curtis Enis, Kordell Stewart, Doug Flutie, Donovan McNabb, Jake Plummer, Troy Aikman, and Brett Favre. I am willing to bet there are a number of other different Fleer Die Cast ones as well. I also do not know if the cards enclosed in the packages are re-numbered (although I imagine they would be) or have any other variations.
[Image: b85d_11.jpg]
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