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Hello and thanks for taking the time to look at what I believe to be the world's largest and most complete Gaines Adams collection.The scan and pics below is just a small sample of my almost 50,000 card solo player collection (yes alot of multiples).Either way just to sum it up the cards below are either #"d 90/xxx (his jersey # or 1 of 1) or are number to 10 or less.Please let me know what you guys have think I have waited 2 years to bring this collection public and I will be adding pictures and cards nearly daily hoping to have this thread as popular as the mark brunell one! THANKS AGAIN

Sorry about the mess up with the pics
Very nice! Cant wait to see the rest.
Here some more thanks carson collect I still waiting for my box for are trade
[Image: IMG_0002-1.jpg][Image: IMG_0003.jpg]
that is an amazing collection
Nice collection I collect Mario Williams and own so many of his cards and he to is #90 so I of course have to have every #9 (his college #), every #90, every 1of1.  But my favorite is from Ultimate Collection I own 15 of the 99 made (#90 is graded a BGS 9.5 with a 10 Auto) the Ultimate NFL Autographed Logo #1/1, (2) of the Ultimate Jersey Autographs #x/35, and a GOLD version #9/10, just love Ultimate Collection, but to get to the point I like Gaines Adam to - UC is my favorite brand and I'm a numbers guy to so I bought this :

Opps gotta get a scan of it but I have his :

2007 Ultimate Collection Rookie Autograph serial #90/250
Wow that's a lot of Adams cards. Congrats man. I was going to offer you the three cards I have, but after seeing all of your 1/1's I think ill pass.Smile
DewDrink I am in it with you. Rgadberry please lets me see what you got. Everyone else please keep the comments coming and thank you for the ones who have already here todays cards.


Great stuff man! This is not only the best Adams collection out there, but also one of the very best PCs I have ever seen. Amazing cards!

Sweet collection.

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