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I know the 86-87 Fleer but others.............
97/98 ud jersey/auto #23.  isnt this the first of his jersey auto cards.  not sure if its a regulary jersey or an all star jersey.  thats one in my book. 
1990/91 Skybox, one of the first companies other than Fleer to produce cards. This isn't the top most expensive cards, is it? In that case, anything autographed would fill the top 10. His first jersey/au belongs, then any NBA logo patch/au.
pretty sure the 97/98 was an all star jersey. i would put any card from 03-04 exquisite
I probally will never own the first three, but here are my favorites

1985 Nike Air Jordan RC (The real one their are so many fakes)
2006-2007 Exquisite Limited Logos Auto/Patch
2007-2008 Exquisite Enshrinements Auto
2005-2006 Exquisite Base
[Image: cfba_3.jpg]

[Image: 8561_1.jpg] [Image: 0609_1.jpg] [Image: 75d5_1.jpg]
How about the Fleer Metal Gems Green/10? That is definetly in the top 10! You would think since its not autographed or game worn, that it wouldn't be, but it definetly is.
I've always been partial to his 84-85 Star rookie. I also like the Fleer buyback autos of his 86 rookie card.
Basically only Old-School stuff from his playing days would make it to my list, but no 86-87 Fleer. Just to many around and not his real rookie season. So here is my list with impossible to own cards:

1. 1997-98 Upper Deck Game Jersey Auto /23
2. 1999-00 Upper Deck MJ Final Floor Auto 1-1
3. 1-1s, i.e.1997-98 Ultra Masterpiece / 1998-99 Ultra Masterpiece / 1998-99 Metal Gem Masters / 1998-99 SPX Finite Extreme /  1999-00 Upper Deck  Cool Air Quantum / 1999-00 Upper Deck MJ A Higher Power
4. 1997-98 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems Green /10
5. 1998-99 SPX Finite Spectrum No. 201 /25
6. 1999-00 SPX Winning Materials JSY/Shoe/Auto /23
7. JSY/Autos from the 90s /23, i.e. 1998-99 Upper Deck Game Jersey AU, 1999-00 Upper Deck Encore AU, 1999-00 Upper Deck Game Jersey AU
8. First ever Patch Card - 1999-00 Upper Deck Game Jersey Patch Super /25
9. 2000-01 Upper Deck Game Jerseys Combo AU Exch /10 Kobe Bryant - Michael Jordan
10. 1997 SPX Promotion Auto /100
Another rare Jordan would be the 1985 Prism Jewel Sticker, which is 10,000 times rarer than his Fleer "rookie" card, and the Prism just happens to be from 1985!

Also, another card(or sticker) would be the 1988 Fournier Estrellas Sticker. Again, way rarer than the Fleer "rookie". Maybe around 1,000 times rarer, but waaay under valeued.

But of the two stickers, the 85 Prism is definetly king.

BTW, I would take a Prism Rookie over the 86 Fleer anyday of the week!
Elgin Baylor Wrote:BTW, I would take a Prism Rookie over the 86 Fleer anyday of the week!

They were selling quite cheaply years ago i.e. 5 years ago.  I remember I got mine for just over $100.  But I'm very much liking how much they are going for nowadays...
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