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Originally I had a Mark Brunell Thread that I started back in July of 2005 (several months after I brought my private collection online. I ended the 1st thread in Sept 2005 and started my second thread "Pics of my (Mark Brunell) collection" on October 5, 2005. It lasted for over 1 3/4 years with 90 pages of responses and over 21,000 views. Unfortunately, the Beckett Webmaster cleaned the forums and deleted all my post that were made before 3/15/2007. In addition, you couldn't reply to the thread unless you hit "quote". Here was The "Original" Pics of my collection thread (well what's left of it). I have another Brunell thread that has all the scans from 1/1/2006 on another site.

Anyway, my main purpose of the previous threads and this current thread is to let members (both new and old) know that I am a die hard Mark Brunell fan. I collect most items with Brunell likeness on it provided it is within REASON. I know of several #1/1s out there that I am unable to obtain as well as several oddball due time perhaps.

I'll update this threads as often as possible.

The Ultimate Mark Brunell Collection


Just got back from an Alaska cruise, so here's my newest addition:

My second QUAD!!! (that is #1, pro and college jersey #, and last # of the same card)

1998 Collector's Edge Odyssey Hologold 3rd Quarter (#/30)

[Image: 1998ceodysseyquad30.jpg]


I was wonderin where that went. Nice pickups and welcome back. where did you cruise to might I ask?


Hello Jaderock. I haven't talked to you in awhile, I hope you enjoyed your cruise. It's nice to know you are still working on the collection. It's kind of strange not having a million replies on your threadSmile


jonahandjerryg - went to Alaska on a 10 day roundtrip from SF.

grice12 - hope business and your collection is going good! The cruise was my 1st and I had a good time...wish I spent more time on land vs the ship tho!


Today's new addition:

A Full Size University of Washington Autograph helmet!

[Image: bruneelUWhelmetfs.jpg]


Sweet pickup on the helmet! Cant wait till I find a Taylor full size in my price range.


double post, sorry


krayzie83 - thanks!
Today's addition...

Back in 1998 and 1999 Playoff had several "jersey" card sets that WERE NOT game worn...this is one of them:

1999 Playoff Absolute Team Tandem Jaguars Paw (Screen on).

[Image: 1999absoluteTeamTandemsJerseyPaw.jpg]


All i have to ask is why did you start collecting Brunell?


It is about time that this thread got going again.Welcome back jadeBig Grin
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