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I bought a case of 2001 SPA Golf in 2005 and pulled three great cards:

Tiger Woods Augusta autograph (red) #/65

Tiger Woods RC #/900 auto

Arnold Palmer SOT (gold) #/25

rkztboyer Wrote:Great pics!  I think we should post pics of the other non-card autos of golfers we have.  I have Hogan, Snead, Harry Cooper, Palmer, Sarazen and etc.  LMK what you guys think

Sounds great, this is a Tiger /900 thread. All you need to do is start a new post and  They Will Come. I have some killer non Tiger cards and will add when you start it. Good luck
Bump from the dead, any new members
Any new members?..........
(04-21-2012 06:54 PM)c a r d s n i p e r Wrote: [ -> ]Any new members?..........

I would trade every card, die-cast, and anything sports related to have one o these!!!
I am looking to sell (original BGS label - 0.5 away from "gem mint" )

[Image: tw3.jpg]

[Image: tw1.jpg]
[Image: tw2.jpg]

[Image: tw4.jpg]
Any new members?
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