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Full Version: Recent show pick ups
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There was a small local card show here in Des Moines yesterday, so I decided to see what was available. I had my sights set on Bowman Chrome Draft versions of Andrew Vaughn and Adley Rutschman as well as a 2016 Bowman Chrome Draft Gavin Lux. No luck on any of those. I did find some fun vintage that I had been looking for for awhile. The Garvey RC isnt in great shape, but a nice addition nonetheless. The Fisk RC was definitely a bargain as it appears to be in fantastic shape. The Killebrew was just an add on, but still a nice card. Got all of this for $35.00, so I left happy. Pictures attached.
Looks like you had fun searching and came home with something decent.
Yeah, I think the below zero temperatures kept a lot of people home. I like me some vintage every now and then, so it was fun to get a couple cards that were in the back of my mind to acquire.

I almost grabbed a Thurman Munson RC, but thought I better just stick with what I got for the sake of my wallet. LOL!
Card Shows are one of my all-time favorite things to do. I can easily spend hours going through bargain boxes cherry picking new cards to come home with me. As my Dad would say, "More fun than swimmin' with bow legged women."
I agree with you Zeprock. Recently, I used it as kind of a teachable moment for my teenage son. He just got a car, and wanted to put a little money in his bank account, so I suggested we go to a show back in September. He had a 2015 Bowman Chrome Draft Blue Refractor Auto of Ozzie Albies he wanted to sell, and thought he could get book value or close to book value for it. He not only learned how to negotiate, but also a little about economics and why dealers who also happen to own card shops, only offer him 1/2 the value at best. He left pretty happy with $150.00 cash.
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