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Going through my cards I came across this Earle Averill card. Did one of the card companies do a reprint? There is nothing on the card. I do remember pulling it not that long ago. Any help would be appreciated.

[Image: 49376149821_c93e76d743_c.jpg]

[Image: 49376149871_dc7a54a46a_c.jpg]
My uneducated guess would be Bazooka. Did they include vintage reprints?
I can't find any sort of reprint, not even listed on eBay.
Most pack inserted reprints will have the new printing date somewhere on the card. This only has the 1935 date on it. Do you have any idea as to what product you may have pulled this from?
I believe you may have the TCMA reprint which I believe was made in the early to mid 70's. I do not recall the TCMA versions having the word reprint on them. Along with many other reprint sets from Fritch , Dover, or TCMA, they are not listed in Beckett.
That IS a good question. Where DID you get that card? It doesn't look like something you would have pulled since it doesn't have a current copyright date or "reprint" printed on it. If it was a Dover reprint, it should have Dover printed on the back. It could be from the Card Collectors Company (C.C.C.). They were known to do reprints like that but that would have been back in the late 80s to mid 90s.
I am wondering if you pulled it out of a repack box, like the ones in Walmart, Target, Walgreens, etc. where it's a clear case with a bunch of older cards mixed up. With the centering on the card it definitely seems like it would be an older reprint, as most newer reprints are nicely centered.
I thought it was Goudy for some reason. I don't buy those clear packs, It might have been a pack from one of the retailers, but it was a regular pack. I appreciate the responses! Hopefully I can uncover the mystery! lol! If I do I will definitely post it.
Do you have a copy of the Becket Almanac? That's what i would use next. Sets are listed by year issued by year then alphabetically by set. I would look under 1935 National Chicle first and then try other lesser known sets.

Search "1934 - 1936 Diamond Stars" for the original card, this is a reprint.
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