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Hi, I have an Edgar martinez bat card,would anyone be interested in the card? All I ask is for an equal value Yankee card of one of the players collect. First person to have a card and contact will be the proud owner of this bat card. oh, I hate to put it like this,but any yankee in my player collection DOES NOT INCLUDE players like A-Rod, Ellsbury, Reggie, any no name rookies who didnt pan out.
Cards not in org. Check me if you still have it.
(11-22-2019 01:59 PM)kman9111 Wrote: [ -> ]Cards not in org. Check me if you still have it.

I wouldn't have posted the message if I didn't still have the card. I will check yours to see if I can find something. Thanks.

If you can't find anything from kman9111, I would be interested. Thanks.
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