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If anyone has these 1998 Frank Thomas cards, and is open to selling/trading for, please let me know.

Donruss Production Line On-Base
Donruss Productine Line Slugging

Donruss Elite Prime Numbers 2A
Donruss Elite Prime Numbers 2B

EX-2001 Destination Cooperstown #2

Finest Mystery Finest 1 #M4 Thomas/Thomas

Pinnacle Epix Moment #E7
Pinnacle Spellbound H

Pinnacle Plus Team Pinnacle #11 Thomas/Galarraga

SPx Finite #173 out of 2000

Upper Deck Retro Quantum Leap #Q4
I can check my buddy's store. He just nabbed about 3,000,000 (not a typo!!!) cards and there are 2-3 boxes of just Big Hurt cards. Hope that I can help.

Good grief!

That would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

I'll throw this one in for good measure; who knew it would be so hard to find?

1997 Collector's Choice Crash the Game Exchange #CG10 Frank Thomas
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