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Hello everyone,

I have baseball cards for sale of Hall of Famers and soon to be players.

Please check my user account.

I know I am new to the forums, but, have been a member of for some time now. I have also been a trader on (username: stevendmar), and buy/sell on Ebay under username

I do not particularly like to sell on Ebay due to higher fees, and a lot of time spent on each listing. This seems like it could be a better fit, so, I will give it a try.

Please not that NM/MT cards is more of a standard condition. It DOES NOT mean it is perfect by any means, so do not expect that. It mostly means pack fresh. Pack fresh, to me, means a card could be perfect or have a couple flaws such as chipped borders, slightly off center, or a corner with the slightest touch of wear. I do not grade every single card, but, I do my best to look at each card (and it is quickly), and if I notice something off about it I will lower the grade on that card.

If you are interested in anything, you can post a message here. Prices are firm, I only accept PayPal.

I only send in bubble mailers, USPS with tracking for $4.00 for the first 10 cards, and $0.10/card after that.

Thank you!
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